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Managerial Placement
/ˌmæn.əˈdʒɪə.ri.əl/ /ˈpleɪs.mənt/

Traditional Outplacement focuses on satisfying the company’s or market’s expectation to provide the outplacee with assistance in their next (involuntary) career move. As the word itself suggests, it’s to get them “out” the current firm and not so much “in”to another one. At the same time Managerial Placement focuses on the latter.

Career Angels has been supporting top managers and executives in their career moves internationally with a focus on Europe and CEE since 2010.

Inspired by inquiries from our clients and Executive Search firms that do not offer outplacement services, we’ve decided to step into this market segment.

Why keep our clients’ successes to the B2C market?

Allow us to be instrumental to
your managers’ successful transition!

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