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Wybrane Projekty

Project: PL CEO in RU
Jurisdiction: Europe, RU; ideally back to PL
Result: CEO of VC start-up in RU

Project: MB, Sales Director; FMCG (North PL)
Jurisdiction: PL, ideally relocation to Wroclaw
Result: MB, Sales Director; Wroclaw

Project: CFO based in Warsaw; restructuring!
Jurisdiction: PL
Result: CFO based in Warsaw

Project: Head of Legal, FD, HRD
Jurisdiction: Ukraine
Result: interviews, job offers

Project: GM of international hotel chain
Jurisdiction: PL
Result: GM of 5* hotel

Project: Managing Director (50+), Construction
Jurisdiction: DACH & PL
Result: CEO of German investment fund

Project: PM in CZ; Customer Service
Jurisdiction: DACH / CEE
Result: Head of Customer Service in Germany

Project: FM; Production to Consulting
Jurisdiction: Australia
Result: joined Big4 within 3 months

Project: Global Logistics Director
Jurisdiction: Global, based in Europe
Result: Head of Logistics in Prague

Project: Director, Telecom; change of industry
Jurisdiction: PL, Warsaw
Result: Sales Engineer in Life Sciences

Project: Human Resources Director; Banking
Jurisdiction: Silesia
Result: several offers; internal promotion

Project: PL Tax Partner to move to SE
Jurisdiction: Sweden
Result: currently interviewing

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