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Why We Are Effective

It’s fitted:
managers differ in educational background, their work experience, competencies as well as their personalities. Additionally, they find themselves in their unique personal and professional situation when faced with being laid off. We understand that. Therefore no two managers will receive exactly the same piece of advice or the same list of Executive Search Consultants. We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

It’s flexible:
despite the fact that we prepare the final schedule and scope of work with the placee based on our initial meetings with them and a thorough analysis, things happen. It might turn out in week 3 that the placee requires more interview preparations and less support researching potential employers. Instead of re-negotiating the number of hours spent on pre-defined modules, we flexibly transfer or extend hours within services without incurring any penalties or monetary drawbacks. The moment we realize a strategy is not working, we prepare and implement a Plan B or C.

It’s personal:
we are on a first name basis with all our clients. When matching placees to Career Angels, we not only look at the consultants’ areas of expertise, but also at the personal chemistry they might have. Even if we get it wrong, switching Career Angels is possible and even encouraged. Why? When liking and trusting their Career Angel, the process gets faster results – meaning, the placee finds a job more quickly.

It’s practical:
we statistically and over time track the results certain methods bring. We constantly talk to the market by involving them in our studies, our interviews or blog posts. We ask for feedback from decision makers. We form strategic alliances with Executive Search Consultants. We focus on doing. Not that much on talking. Though we do address the emotions involved when being laid off – but: what’s more effective fighting frustration than getting job interviews and offers?

It’s contemporary:
we’ve fully embraced the 21st century by going paperless, wireless and borderless. We support managers:

  • in different time zones and locations as we know how to effectively work over the Internet only
  • in English, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian; we can prepare documents in all European languages
  • with up-to-date advice that is in line with current business best practices and HR trends

It’s international:
aside from the above mentioned language skills, we work internationally: we’ve supported our clients in CEE, CIS, Scandinavia, DACH, Latin America, Western Europe, UK, Middle East and even Australia. Additionally, our Career Angels only work in jurisdictions they have experience in.

It’s pleasant:
We all have relevant, extensive Executive Search experience. Almost all of us have additional studies or training in psychology and/or coaching. Most of us have also worked on other positions in a business environment: Sales / Marketing Managers, Human Resources Manager, etc. We all have worked and work with executives on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to work with a competent team of Career Angels who speak your (business) language?

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